About us


Since 2012

Rara Avis was started in April 2012 by  French Chef Jerome Cousin, Laurent Guiraud along with an Indian Partner Rajiv Aneja. The flagship location is based out of GK II M Black Market, Delhi and in 2014 a second location opened up in Baga, Goa.

Rajiv Aneja

Rajiv and Laurent have been friends for years and when the idea came up to open a restaurant , Rajiv was thrilled, as it had always been his dream. He didn’t think twice before joining hands. Little did he know that he would launch a French Restaurant – Rara Avis a few months later !

Chef Jerome Cousin

Chef Jerome is a French National living in India for the past 9 years he has performed his food art all over the world and within the country from Chenai to Mumbai to New Delhi to Goa.

Born in Franche Comté from a French father and a Swiss- Italian mother he started helping out in the family restaurant, established 3 generations before, since age 6 cooking on the “piano”(name of the cooking range in French) with his grandfather in made to his size pots and pans.

In the Cousin family tradition of cooking runs deep!



Laurent Guiraud

Laurent Guiraud is a French National living in Delhi for the past 6 years, he has worked with the Alchemist Group for four and was Ramola Bachchan’s right arm in the opening of Manre in 2007. He then joined AD Singh of the Olive Group and was their Vice President Business Development to date.

He was born in Paris and moved to the US where he resided for 7 years.

He has been a restaurateur since the 90’s and was the owner of a 1* Michelin restaurant in South West France Pays Basque.

Award winning menu

Whether you are gathering for a lunch among friends, a family dinner or relaxed weekend brunch, Rara Avis serves genuine french cuisine with a wide spread to entice every palate.

Our specialities include Douzaine d’Escargots (Snails in garlic butter), Escalope de poulet aux morilles ( Chicken Breast with morel mushroom sauce).